Jose's Story

Jose Baserva was only 1 year old when he and his family left Cuba for Miami in 1959 following the Cuban revolution exness

Growing up Jose gained a love of Cuban food from his parents Carlos and Hilda Baserva, spending hours in the kitchen helping his mom prepare authentic Cuban dishes.  It seemed only natural that he would go into the restaurant business when he became an adult and after working for 25 years in the business in Miami and Bradenton, he opened his own restaurant.

Jose’s Real Cuban Food at 8799 Cortez Road West in Bradenton is the real deal for authentic Cuban food. We make everything from scratch.  Our house specialty is roast pork “LECHON ASADO”.  Jose takes pride in preparing all of his menu items including his authentic Cuban Press Sandwich.

Jose’s offers catering as well - weddings, social events, private parties, small get-togethers how to open an investment with exness social trading.


I’ve always been the type of man---that believes anything in life is possible…as long as it is for the GOOD.   My wife says “that I work out side the box” not sure what that means, but if it’s good, it must be true. In 2007 I opened the doors to my dream and 5 years later “the anything possible” became real. I truly believe God has placed his hand on me, the building, the food and the community for all this to have happened. I am truly blessed, especially being raised in such a wonderful nation full of possibilities, opportunity, prosperity, freedom that no other nation has ever experienced. Here too God has placed his hand on America. America was founded on prayer and faith in God. If America upholds God’s standards and follow his ways, then it will continue to be blessed with His favor…His protection…His prosperity….But if America should depart from the ways and standards of God, the smiles of heaven, the blessing of God will be withdrawn…it’s prosperity, its protection and its powers.. I know that based on the events in my life I will continue to put my faith, prayers and praises in God. Please join me and return or turn your walk toward ‘s God and keep prayer in our nation. And by doing so we can watch our nation heal … His PROSPERITY … His PROTECTION forex broker exness….. His CONTINUED FREEDOM …AMERICA IS CHANGING AND CHANGING FAST...LETS GET AMERICA BACK IN GOD’S GREAT GRACES. We are only one heartbeat away…… GOD’S MESSAGE TO ALL AMERICAN’S….Book of 2 Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14… read it


Jose Baserva